Monday, May 3, 2010

Diaper Fairy

It's been a WHOLE year since we started potty training Peacock.  Totally insane.  I've tried EVERYTHING ... bribes, threats, being nice, being mean, & even dropping the subject for over a month during the holidays.  I've read books, researched on the internet, talked to friends who have had similar problems, bought new toys & even made offers for toys that are as much as $300!!  (One website says that the average cost of diapers is $150/month, so $300 for a toy would be saving me lots of money, right?!?) I've prayed, Peacock has prayed, we've both cried & screamed. It hasn't been pretty.

Because Peacock didn't want to poop in the potty & we told her that she couldn't poop in her diaper, she began holding in her poops for days.  Ouch!  This has been going on for months.  The pediatrician told us to get Miralax ... that didn't help at all.  Miralax didn't help her to want to poop in the potty.   There have been numerous times that I've threated to take away Peacock's diapers.  For a long time I've felt like Peacock would have no problem staying dry, but I would rather change poopy diapers than poopy undies.  About a week ago, I noticed that Peacock's diapers were running low.  I told Peacock that I wasn't going to buy any more diapers & that the "Diaper Fairy" would be coming to our house to take her diapers.  Thursday afternoon her diapers disappeared & she has been wearing undies ever since (except at nap & bed time she wears a pull-up).  I've been really worried that I'd be the one to throw-in the towel & run to Sams Club for more diapers, but I've tried to remain strong & patient.  Peacock has been glued to my side for the last 4 days cause I knew as soon as I let her get 10 feet from me that she'd go find a corner & make a yucky mess for me.  She's done great & even finally decided to put a poop in the potty today!!!  She clogged the potty cause she'd been saving up since at least Thursday, but that's OK.  We danced & celebrated!  And what prize did she ask for after finally doing the deed??  I single Starburst candy!   Argh!  But I promised a Sonic slush after naps today cause I want to make sure to celebrate again later today.  To make the celebration even better, Turkey was sitting on another potty & did a little poopy at the same time!!  Happy day for Mom!!  Now I just hope we can keep at it.

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shellyjean said...

Thank you for sharing! Knowing my youngest (21 months) I've had a dreaded feeling that the whole potty training thing is going to strongly resemble your struggle. It just seems like his personality is so strong. Would you have done anything differently if you could go back a year and start over?

Paradise Found said...

I loved that she clogged the toilet. If it's not one mess, it's another. I'm sure you've gotten loads of advice from everyone, wanted and unwanted :) How awesome if you could have 2 out of diapers at the same time!! Toilet training is so much harder when you've got more than one child. The toileter needs all your attention! I've started Masie, but may back down in another week or so.

Mike and Madelyn said...

Wow, a whole new much I have to look forward too! I'm so glad she went in the potty, that's huge!


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