Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Momma Took Us to the Zoo Today

Today Hubby had the day off from work (not by choice though).  We got up, did some job hunting, made a trip to the zoo & then came home to work on the job hunt some more.  It was a beautiful day and, surprisingly, the zoo wasn't terribly crowded.  I esp. enjoy trips to the zoo when Hubby can go cause we leave strollers at home and let the kids walk so by the time we're ready to leave, the kiddies are extra tired which means they have extra long naps ... NICE!  As for the job hunt, we feel like we're making good progress this week.  We really appreciate everyone who has sent emails or left comments with job suggestions and ideas.  We are looking into all your ideas plus lots of other options.  Right now we have two options that we feel good & excited about, but we probably won't make any decisions anytime too soon.  We still have lots of learning & investigating to do and we're still looking to make sure we're not missing any other great opportunities out there.

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Paradise Found said...

Glad things are moving forward for you in the jobbing field. The trick to good naps after the zoo is keeping the kids awake until you get home, right? :) Longing for the days when no stroller is needed... or at least going back to a single. Looking at pictures with your 3 gorgeous kids makes me think of my colorful lot. You must get a lot of the same comments (and probably more) that we get.


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