Friday, July 16, 2010

Eleven Years Ago Today

Today my hubby & I are celebrating our 11th Wedding Anniversary!!  It's kinda turned-out to be a poopy weekend, but I'm sure we'll make the best of it & plan to do something fun another time.

I certainly wasn't an English major and I can not write beautiful words that accurately describe my feelings, so to celebrate, here are ELEVEN things I love about my hubby:

11. He is such a hard worker.  He works hard days & long hours to provide for all the wants & needs of 4 other people.

10. He's patient with me ... even when I seem to have lost my marbles.

9. He watches chick-flicks with me!

8. He's good to help around the house with cleaning, dishes, giving the kids baths, etc.

7. When my nerves are shot at the end of the day, he takes charge of bedtime routines including brushing teeth, saying prayers with each child, & reading multiple bedtime stories.

6. I can ALWAYS trust him.

5. I can always count on support from him when I want to take a class, run off to another rehearsal, spend all day shopping, or whatever it is that I want to do.

4.  I've never heard him swear ... not even a minor curse.

3. He rubs my feet and puts lotion on them every night ... ahhh.

2. He has given me THREE beautiful children!!

1. He married me in the Mesa, Arizona Temple for time & all eternity & he treats our marriage with the respect it deserves.

Eleven years ago today, I never imagined my life to be what it is today, but it's been a good journey.  I love you, my hubby!

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Cecilotta said...

Aww, look at how cute you guys are!

Paradise Found said...

Sorry about the poopy weekend. Good thing you really love each other and can make the most of it. Love your countdown. Especially the foot rubs :)

Mike and Madelyn said...

That is so sweet! Neither of you look old enough to be getting married :). Love Joel's hair, awesome! Happy anniversary!


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