Thursday, July 29, 2010

Good Job

Tuesday was Hubby's last day at San Tan Dental ... YIPPEEEEE!!!!!  We are all happier and less-stressed people.  They were nice over there and had a little lunch/going-away party so the kids & I took over some brownies.  Today I was in the mood to bake some more (even though I still had cookies & brownies sitting on my countertops) and we had lots of leftover bread from our Primanti Bro's sandwiches.  I baked TWO 9x13" pans of dark chocolate bread pudding.  We shared one pan with Crossroads Dental and kept the other pan for us to enjoy at home.  There is something so wonderful & heavenly about bread pudding.  Our next-door neighbors in Pittsburgh were from New Orleans, so they made us some bread pudding among lots of other delish food ... I was immediately hooked.  And what can be better than the ultimate comfort-food dessert with lots of very dark chocolate?  I don't know....

Never knew plain ol' bread could taste SO good!

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Rachel Hanchett said...

I would love your recipe!


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