Monday, July 12, 2010

Young Women Lesson #26 Manual 2: The Sacrament

Yesterday I taught lesson 26 titled, The Sacrament.  I was really bummed when we finally got into the classroom and I realized we only had about 20 minutes for a lesson cause I had some nice things planned.

I found this booklet on Sugardoodle's website, but I changed it up a little bit.  I made it so it can be printed on regular 8.5x11" paper.  I reduced some of the font sizes as well so it is fewer pages.  I'm glad we had the booklets cause it made it so the girls & other leaders could go home and continue learning about the sacrament.

I used a portion of John Bytheway's talk, The Best Three Hours of the Week: Getting the Most from Your Sunday Meetings.  If you  start listening around 28 minutes & 30 seconds, that is where he talks more specifically about the sacrament.  The entire talk is great, if you have time for the whole thing, but the sacrament portion lasts about 20 minutes.  If you are lucky enough to round-up some Internet access for your lesson, you can watch the video of his talk.  If not, you can download the audio to a laptop and just listen to the talk.  Find the talk HERE.  I highly, highly recommend the talk to everyone!!  It's quite entertaining & Bro. Bytheway brings up so many points & talks about symbolism in a way that I just felt like I could not do as well as he does.  Also, if you listen to the talk, he covers some of the YW lesson.  If you follow the booklet for your lesson, you'll know what you can skip over & what portions of the lesson still need to be covered.

Before I found John Bytheway's talk, I was considering using this video for my lesson.  I liked it enough that I thought I'd share it.  I believe this hymn is mentioned in the lesson.

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Andrea Lee said...

Thank you so much for sharing! I just got called to Mia Maids and this is my first lesson (tomorrow)and I was nervous. I googled the lesson and was directed to your blog. I am using your printout and showing John Bytheway. I know its going to be great. You're awesome. thank goodness for women like you!

Kamill said...

Thank you so much for the great ideas. I really want use the talk but I can't get it to download to my laptop and we don't have internet at church to be able to play it. I really like your hand out. Thank you so much

Melinda said...

Love it! Thanks. I am excited about giving this lesson today!


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