Monday, July 12, 2010

Summer Sale

This past weekend, I spent way too much of my husband's hard earned money at Williams-Sonoma.  That place is a death trap for me!!  Or my husband.   But I found some fun treasures and now I just need an excuse to use some of them!

If you like to do some vegetarian cooking, their awesome  Food Made Fast Vegetarian cookbook is on sale for $3.35!!!  (Marked prices may not reflect what you actually pay)  It's a beautiful book that usually sells for $18.  It's loaded with photos & tips.

Other cookbooks from the Food Made Fast series are also on sale for under $10.  I also picked-up the Asian & Pasta editions for about $6 & $9.  If the Food Made Fast series doesn't strike your fancy, there are a variety of other books on sale as well, including a Martha Stewart Cooking School book ... usually about $45, but you can find it for under $10 if you hurry to your nearest WS store.

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Cecilotta said...

Ooh ooh ! I'm always in the market for good vegetarian cookbooks. (And I'm always in the market for an excuse to stop by WS!)

Heather Jeppsen said...

I thought you were. I didn't see you, but as we were walking up Joel was walking down with Little M and it was so fast I did a second take and then he was too far gone to go ask you where you were. I kept looking around for you, but no luck. Too bad. Fun though huh. Minus a few things!


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