Monday, July 26, 2010

Young Women Manual 2 Lesson 28: Agency

As an attention-getter, I had 3 gifts on the table.  I told the girls that they could each choose a gift but that they had to use & follow-through with the consequences of the gift.  One gift had Windex & a paper towel (to wash the window in our classroom), another gift had a feather duster (could be used to dust the piano, a table or moulding in the room), and the final gift had candy.

For handouts:  At Target, I found 3 packs of seeds for $1 in the bins near the front of the store. I printed out THIS onto green card stock & stapled one to each packet of seeds.

In the June 2010 Ensign/Liahona, there is an article about agency.  You can read it HERE.  I'm not sure about the Liahona, but if you have a copy of the Ensign magazine, there are little pictures that go along with the article. Or HERE is the PDF format with the pictures.

I also brought up a few points during class that were not in the printed lesson .... #1. the term "free" agency.  Agency isn't really "free". Christ had to pay a price for us to have agency and if we sin, then there is a price to be paid for repentance.  #2: We talked about our reactions & agency when someone else uses their agency to make a choice that effects us.

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